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Support local artists

A portion of sales will benefit SAGE.

SAGE operates as a space for local creatives to come together and build a culture around the arts in the Green Bay area. Situated at 900 Cedar St, right on the edge of Green Bay's Arts District, we operate a free, open studio stocked with donated art supplies that we call "Creative Community". We meet monthly to discuss opportunities for our artists and creatives, we participate in community events to showcase the talent within our city, and offer advice and support through ongoing discussion in our Facebook group. There is no fee to be a member of SAGE; we value your talents and the purpose that you bring to our organization. Founded in 2017, SAGE is a non-profit organization determined to be accessible to all, fostering a vibrant arts culture that represents anyone who desires to be a part of what we do.

SAGE Mission

SAGE is a non-profit focused on outreach through the arts in the Green Bay area. We operate as a platform for local artists and creatives to support each other and their community. We emphasize inclusivity, accessibility, quality, collaboration, and encouragement, as it pertains to all facets of art and the right to artistic expression.

Our coffee label

Thanks go to Melissa Bohrtz for the fantastic work she did on creating our coffee label. You can show her some love on her Facebook page