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Sullivan or "Sully" was born May 7, 2014, with a congenital heart defect (or "Fancy" heart) called Tetralogy of Fallot. He was born at 37 weeks, at just 4 lbs 4 oz. Within 24 hours, he had his first heart procedure, which was unsuccessful, resulting in an extended stay in the CVICU. Once Sully recovered, he had his first open-heart surgery at 7 weeks old, successfully placing a BT shunt, creating a solution to help get Sully home to grow and thrive before another surgery would be needed. After 72 days at the Hospital, Sully was finally able to go home!

At 11-months, Sully had his "full-repair" surgery and was sent home just 6-days post-op. The years that followed were full of appointments and check-ups, but he continued to thrive and grow as we anticipated the next time his "fancy" heart would need surgery once again... taking place in May 2018, when Sully had his 3rd (and hopefully final) open-heart surgery.

A blend of Guatemalan and Dark Brasil - chocolate and nut flavors with a rich smokey character. Great for espresso or french press. This special fundraiser blend comes in a 12oz. bag.

By purchasing this blend, support will directly help the Herma Heart Institute at Children's Wisconsin. It is the institute where Sully - and so many others with "Fancy" hearts - receive their care.

CHDs are the most common birth defect, resulting in nearly 40,000 births or 1/100 births each year. Your donation not only impacts the ongoing care for Wisconsin kids, but that of heart patients, and their families, from across the world. Since 2018, through our fundraising efforts in partnership with Luna, we have donated more than $10,000 to the Herma Heart Institute at Children's Wisconsin!

To learn more about Sully's heart journey, follow @growsullygrow on Facebook.