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Ending Extreme Poverty

A portion of sales will be donated to Concern Worldwide.

Our vision, our mission and our work are all defined by one goal - ending extreme poverty, whatever it takes. We believe that no-one should have to live in fear that they won't have a home to sleep in or enough food to feed their children.

The illustration on this bag is based off a photo taken by Concern Worldwide photographer Kieran McConville of a typical Ethiopian coffee ceremony taking place in a Concern Worldwide office in Ethiopia.

The coffee break has long been a tradition in many societies that offers a much-needed pause in our days to gather, sip and reflect -- while indulging in a delicious and comforting beverage.

The Ethiopian Jebena Coffee Ceremony is an important part of Ethiopian culture. A daily ritual for gathering, socializing, communicating, problem solving and bringing people together - the ceremony has much more to do with community & togetherness than the physical act of coffee drinking. It’s a way of reconnecting.

More than just being about coffee, this beautiful ceremony is an act of hospitality, a welcoming daily ritual rooted in the ideals of building and nurturing community. It is a tradition where women are free to talk, share and derive strength from one another. Ultimately, the Jebena Coffee Ceremony provides women a critical respite during often punishing days, nourishing their bodies and spirits.

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to the elimination of extreme poverty. For 5 decades in Ethiopia, we've made tremendous strides towards economic stability, financial security, gender equality, and health and nutrition. Our current programming focuses on continuing our health and nutrition support, while also working with families to graduate from extreme poverty.

To learn more about Concern Worldwide’s programs in Ethiopia.

About the coffee: Seasonal single origin Ethiopian coffee.